Claudia G.

Being that this is the 2nd time I use Dorian, it only shows how much I appreciate his hard work and dedication to getting me what i want. Thank you again for getting me into my new car (Mercedes-Benz)! You are the best!!!

Claudia G.Carson, CA
Deborah L.

Dorian is a pleasure to work with and made the whole process of trading in and leasing a new vehicle painless and pleasant- which is a miracle. Very professional and responsive. I would highly recommend.

Deborah L.Dallas, TXRead More
Steven D.

I went to several auto dealerships and got tired of the run around. I tried going to dealerships, Autobytel and Truecar with limited success on reducing the bottom price. After doing my research and knowing exactly what I wanted, I picked up the phone and called Dorian. He explained exactly what his process was and how it would proceed. Immediately after I hired Dorian he got to work. In 3 days he found my truck and had the deal done saving me $8,000 off sticker price. The truck was delivered to me and I signed the contract in the comfort of my own home. Thank you Dorian for a great car buying experience!

Steven D.La Mirada, CARead More
Adam S.

Dorian did such a good job for me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Let me just say that I had such a difficult request that the first broker I went to refunded my money after failing, the second broker I contacted refused to take my business, but Dorian accepted the challenge and delivered.

If I ever need to buy a new car again, Dorian will be my first call.

Adam S.Santa Monica, CARead More
Tye A.
If you've ever been a part of the car buying process and your in the market for a new (or used) vehicle, for purchase or lease, give Dorian at Open Road Auto Concierge a call. It was absolutely the best decision I could have EVER made. I will NEVER buy a car w/ out speaking w/ Dorian. From the moment we first spoke, not only did he offer the kind of knowledge that will inspire you to trust him, he also makes you feel like you've been fast friends for years. I value my time more than money because you can never get more time.
Hiring Dorian was worth every single penny I spent to have him negotiate to buy a 2017 Subaru WRX STi Limited w/ a number of factory installed upgrades for well below market value. We both basically walked in the front door w/ ski masks on and got the absolute deal of the year. Eight G's below MSRP later I've got a car I'd been eyeballing for over a year. Part of my frustration happened just two weeks earlier. I'd lost out on, what I thought at that time was, a killer deal, that I tried to handle myself. Fail.
A month after I started this car buying process, Dorian helped me secure a deal I never imagined possible. This man wins. And all you have to do is sit back, live life as you would, and make a few decisions but no dealing. Just chilling. Give him a call if you value both your time and your money. Dorian and the Open Road Auto Concierge will protect and save both. Don't make the mistake I made before I met him. This man is a professional but makes you feel like his long time friend. Call. Him. Now.
Tye A.Long Beach, CARead More
Albert V.

Buying a car can become a little overwhelming from searching for a car online to sitting in a dealership going back and forth with the salesman. Dorian took care of all that for us and found the exact car we were looking for and even got the car delivered from a dealership that was 4 hours away. All the paperwork is pain free and he goes over everything with you, I am definitely going with him for any other cars/trucks/boats/horse that I buy in the future. He is the real deal....thanks.

Albert V.Imperial, CARead More
David M.

Dorian is the man! He made the car buying experience extremely painless. Dorian made himself available at all hours of the day and answered all of our questions. Not only did he help us buy the car of our dreams but he also helped us sell our car. Dorian went above and beyond to get the best trade in value for our previous car. I don't think I'll ever buy a car any other way.

If you're looking to buy a car but you don't trust car salesmen who are out to get a pretty penny, look no further. So far, I've purchased two cars through Dorian and I would absolutely recommend him. Through his professionalism and friendliness he has gained my upmost respect and trust.

David M.San Diego, CARead More
Miles W.

I am a repeat customer of Dorian's.  Even though I (used to) enjoy buying and selling cars, it is just too easy to work through Dorian.  I think of it is still having the fun part of shopping and test driving cars but leaving the heavy lifting to Dorian.

Miles W.Washington DCRead More
Kaia P.


Hands Down the best car buying experience ever!!!! It really does not get any better than this. My boyfriend and I were under a lot of stress trying to make a deal to get two new cars but Dorian took all the stress away and replaced it with happiness. I'm beyond ecstatic with the deal Dorian got for my boyfriend and I and will be using him from here on out with any of my future car purchases.

I will not let anyone I know or meet buy a car any other way.

Thank you Dorian!

Kaia P.Ventura, CARead More
Robbie A.

If you think Dorian and the services he offers sound too good to be true. Well he's even better than he sounds! If you have any doubts if he is legitimate, message me on YELP and I will call you up and personally vouch for this man and his business.

I was looking to trade in two old cars for two brand new cars. I had a monthly budget in mind for both. After wasting 5 hours at a dealer, hearing their offers and leaving the dealer empty handed I felt dejected. I thought I couldn't realistically get what I wanted for my budget.

THEN I found Dorian, spent maybe 20 min talking to him on the phone, spent another 30 min gathering and sending him the necessary info for the new cars we wanted and for our trade-ins. The next day I get a text saying he has dealers fighting for our deals! I was fighting the dealer to buy the cars. Dorian had dealers fighting to sell cars!! Are you kidding me??

Immediately all my stress was gone and I was excited again to buy new cars. Later the next day a couple more phone calls with Dorian and our deals were finalized.
He got both trade ins bought for a combined total of more than Blue Book value and new cars sold with a combined savings of $12,705 off the dealers asking price and my monthly payments well below my budget.
He got the dealer to deliver both cars same day to our house over an hour from the dealership. They showed up, paperwork was finalized in 10 min and away they went with our old cars.

All the stress and anxiety of buying a new car, replaced with pure happiness and no doubt about the price we paid.

We will never buy a car again without Dorian and Open Road Auto Concierge.

Robbie A.Ventura, CARead More
El D.

Dorian is the real deal.  He is everything as advertised and more.  I've been buying cars for almost 30 years and this was far and away the best car buying experience I've ever had.  He was there through every step and never once did he not return a phone call (and missed calls were returned within minutes).  This man knows how to run a business.

I have told my friends and coworkers about Dorian and I rarely put name on a company or business.  My advice to anyone in the market for a new car:  DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT UNTIL YOU HAVE CALLED DORIAN.

This man save me over 13K off my purchase price and managed to get me more money than I owed on my high mileage trade-in.

He deserves more stars than this site has.

El D.Huntington Beach, CARead More
Joe D.

Dorian is very good. I've used him twice in the last three years, and in each case he was careful, professional and responsive. The first deal was a 2014 Audi S4, and the second was a 2018 Porsche Macan S. Great deals, and much better discounts than we got from shopping around and going to the dealers. And they delivered the cars to us, too!

The advantages of using a car-buying service are: (a) no high-pressure sales and useless add-ons; (b) much, much better prices than a retail customer can negotiate; (c) ability to shop for your specific car nationwide (not just the local dealers in state); (d) really convenient delivery and paperwork options. I strongly recommend using Dorian and Open Road.

Joe D.South Pasadena, CARead More
Dominic B.

Dorian is the MAN. I told him exactly what I wanted and within a day he already had the exact truck found. I never had to step foot inside of a dealership and deal with annoying sales people. I also traded in a 2013 Tacoma with over 100000 miles on it. Dorian not only found a buyer within days, but negotiated an additional $1600 above Kelly Blue Book.

Dominic B.Fullerton, CARead More
Matt T.

This is the FOURTH TIME I have used Dorian to purchase/lease a vehicle for my family!! He has even helped me sell my old car and prevented me from that hassle. It seems like the hardest part of working with Dorian is choosing what color and specs I want on my new car! Working with Dorian streamlines the car buying process.  Once you pick what type of car you want, he sends you some very user friendly credit check paperwork, and then he does the rest! I just leased the black Lexus RX 350 that you see in my photos. I was at the Orange County Fair with my family when Dorian told me he located my vehicle with the specs that I requested and had a killer deal lined up.  A few text messages later, the car was ordered and delivered to my house the next day!! The lady from the dealership gave us a tutorial on all the bells and whistles, had us sign a few documents and then gave us the keys!

There is that saying of, "Its not what you know, its who you know."  Well, Dorian has both the knowledge and connections.  He is as knowledgeable as they come, and is networked throughout the state for every make model and brand of car out there. He will find you the bottom line price.  In my opinion, there is no better way to buy a car.

Matt T.Torrance, CARead More
Rick W.

Absolutely awesome experience! dealer haggling, no wasting an entire day at the dealership, great price, car delivered to my house!!.. what more can you ask!!...I will never walk into a dealership again!...Wish i would have done this years ago!!..Dorian is great!..told me everything up front and no surprises as with most dealerships!! highly recommend!!

Rick W.Torrance, CARead More
Karen T.

Dorian is fantastic!  He got me the car I wanted, and was an absolute pleasure to work with.  I will only use him in the future.

I am a very happy customer and forever client.

Thank you,

Karen T.

Karen T.Encino, CARead More
Ed V.

WOW. Where to start? If you are looking for a new/used car, DORIAN is the Go 2 Guy for the job. Do not go to the dealer, ever!  Dorian will make magic happen and get you what you want, guaranteed.

First of all, I will NEVER step foot into a dealership again! Dorian is the man. Not only was he patient with my indecisions on 3 different Luxury SUV's, he was extremely knowledgeable on all of them and provided his professional opinions and facts about leasing vs purchasing etc. I didn't leave my house at all, in fact, they just delivered our new 2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD Advance to my door about 35 minutes ago.

My wife and I are expecting a baby in a couple weeks, and we needed an SUV with enough room for the family. Dorian made this happen at the snap of his fingers. Best part is, he locked in a payment that was way below my budget, saving me hundreds & the trouble from having to explain/justify my purchase to the wife (she's still at work and doesn't know I got her a new car, it'll be a surprise).  She's gonna be satisfied!

Dorian, I am forever grateful and indebted to you sir. My experience with your services were superb, and you go above and beyond for your clients.  You, my friend, are the perfect example of what superior customer service should be.  Thank you sir.

Ed V.Lakewood, CARead More
Stephen H.

This review is about a week overdue. First off thank you Dorian for your quick professional service, I apologize that I haven't done the same for you in writing this review. If you want to talk about the new up and coming way, I mean the ultimate car buying experience, this is the way to go! I promise you will never go back to a dealer again (if your a dealership sales person I'd be very worried). Im sure their are great sale people that work for dealership out there but my experience with the few dealers I have been to, was the usually stereotypical annoying car salesmen who get pushy for the "sale", who like to play "the word game", and the worst part of it is the never ending emails, texts, calls for months on end. Never again will I go to any dealership. Dorian's "Open Road Auto Concierge" is the new and improved way to buy or lease a your vehicle, and its white glove service to say the least. Even with obstacles in the way such as, "not the best credit" he will find a way to get you the best deals you can not beat. In a couple days after you pick out your vehicle you are interested in, Dorian does his magic negotiating and lays out few choices based on what you requested, finding somehow the cheapest prices for someone who does not have the best credit, I choose my vehicle I want (a Lexus 350 ES 2017 brand spanking new!!), and the very next day it is delivered to my house!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I walked out in my pj's still shocked that I have a brand new Lexus outside my place!!! Transaction and paperwork was super smooth, professional, and fast. I still don't know what the hell just happened but I got a brand new car, and I did it in the comfort of my home. This is something that only millionaire celebrities do, nope, anyone can do it. The hardest part is picking up the phone and calling him. I highly recommend trying this out! Can't wait to buy my next car with Dorian which will be very soon! Thanks!!

Stephen H.Harbor City, CARead More
Christina B.

Dorian is the vehicle whisper! He saved me over 8k on my brand new F-150. He was professional and is a true class act.  I told Dorian exactly what vehicle I wanted and had very specify options. He searched for the vehicle and found exactly what I wanted. I was so pleased with his services, I used Dorian 2 months later and bought my wife an new Explorer. And yes, he saved me over 6k off MSRP on that deal too. Don't waste your time at the dealership and let a sleazy salesman sell you vehicle you really don't want at a higher price. Let Dorian fight the good fight and get you the vehicle you actually want at a reasonable price. Five stars for Dorian.

Christina B.La Habra, CARead More
Lainey D.

Dorian with Open Road AC is AMAZING. He is so knowledgeable and helpful. This was the greatest experience you could ever possibly have getting a new car. He is hands on and answers every question you have (and I had a lot!!!!). This was my first time leasing a car and he made the experience so easy and I he educated me throughout the process. Dorian got me a killer deal on my 2017 Jeep Wrangler and I will use him again in the future. There's no doubt about that!

Lainey D.Los Angeles, CARead More
Sam W.

If you're someone that gets overwhelmed thinking about whether or not you're getting a good deal on a car, with Dorian you won't have to worry.  I had a very specific car that I wanted and he got me exactly what I asked for.  What a relief it is to know you have someone working with you and always with your best interest in mind.   I recommend Open Road Auto Concierge 100%.

Sam W.Santa Monica, CARead More
Brian R.

Dorian, managed to obtain a new high end car ,not in great supply in less than a week. He managed to obtain the exact specification I was after and at a price I could have not achieved personaly.Not haveing to go to a dealership that was over a 100 miles away, the home delivery saved time and peace of mind.I highly recommend.

Brian R.Santa Barbara, CARead More
John and Stephanie F.

Dorian is the MAN!  I have never had an easier more enjoyable experience purchasing a vehicle. He took care of everything. I didn't even have to leave my house. After calling several dealerships to find the vehicle I was looking for I was told it was impossible to find this car. (2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO in cement gray). So I was told to call Dorian. Best decision I even made. Dorian is a pit bull. I used his white glove service and he did all the work for me. No more calling. No more being disappointed when told, "that's impossible". Not only did he find the vehicle, but then negotiated the absolute best price on it.  Then he got the most money possible for my trade-in. Dorian exceeded my expectations, even after I was told he was he best in the business. He found the car and had it delivered to my home. Just to let you know how desirable and rare my 4Runner is, the driver was asked no less than six times in transit if the vehicle was for sale.
Stop going to dealerships to buy a car. Dorian has the experience, wisdom and drive to get you the vehicle you want at the price you want, end of story. I know, for a fact, that if he could get me this vehicle he can get anything on the planet that has wheels. Happy! Happy! Happy! Customer.  Any future purchases will be made with Dorian at Open Road Auto Concierge. Give Dorian a shot. You won't be disappointed. In fact you will be a customer for life.

John and Stephanie F.Torrance, CARead More
Christian O.

Dorian is the man!, he found my truck and made all of the process easy. He really goes above and beyond to get what you want as quickly as possible! I will definitely come to him for my next car!.

Christian O.Torrance, CARead More
David M.

We have used Dorian to lease 2 cars over the past 2 years. He is a superb advocate and is simply great at what he does, which is securing amazing car deals. Both times, we got fantastic deals on the cars and on our trade-ins. He is very responsive and an excellent communicator; we're on the east coast and it was like there was no time difference. Nobody likes to buy or lease a car. Dorian makes it easy. We highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.

David M.Atlanta, GARead More
Wayne S.

I'm a second time user of Dorian's service and couldn't be happier.  He is a pleasure to deal with and not only does he get the deals others can't or don't, he makes the entire car buying experience a breeze.  He had the car delivered to my door, they picked up the expired leased car, I signed a few docs, paid a few bucks and have the best deal ever on the vehicle.  I'm using him again for my next car and anyone who doesn't is not getting the best deal.  Shhhh.  Let's keep him a big secret so only we get the great deals!!!

Wayne S.Los Angeles, CARead More
Alexis D.

Dorian is very knowledgeable about what car you want to purchase . He is very helpful and answers all your questions you have and gets you the best possible deal on the market. He help me to buy my first brand new car 2017 Honda Accord sport, very happy with my purchase. Thank you Dorian.

Alexis D.Pacoima, CARead More
Lyssa D.

If I could give Dorian 10 stars I would!!! Most amazing truck buying experience I have ever had! I'm so excited. I traded in my lease early and within a day and a half, Dorian found me a brand new 2017 Toyota Tacoma with everything I wanted and MORE than I expected!!! And the best part??? Not only was it delivered to my front door, I now have LOWER monthly payments than I had for my 2014 Tacoma (and it was half the truck!)

He also helped me trade in my truck for the best value possible which completely covered the down payment on my new truck.

He's helpful, patient, and communicates throughout the entire process. More than worth it, I will never go through a dealership again. And will absolutely recommend his service to all my friends and family!

THANK YOU DORIAN!! You're the best!

Lyssa D.Oxnard, CARead More
Fred E.

Dorian came highly recommended by two of my co-workers. This is the first time I have used this type of service and the first time I have bought a used car only looking at photos and using the information Dorian was able to compile.  Dorian is able to cut thru all of the smoke and mirrors that dealers throw at customers and give you the confidence that you are getting exactly what you want at the best possible price with no surprises.

At the end of the deal, the dealer drove a Certified Jeep Rubicon up to my house that looked and drove like it rolled off the factory floor. The driver handed me the all ready filled out paperwork to sign and the car was mine.  Dorian was able to accomplish in a couple of days what I failed to do over a couple of weeks. I will definitely do this again.

Fred E.Oxnard, CARead More
Abbas G.

I knew Dorian when he was working at a Lexus dealership.  He had my wife and I lease two cars at best possible conditions.  When I was ready to lease another car, I looked for him at the same dealership, but found he had left.  So, I Googled his name to find the Open Road Auto Concierge.  Then, I called him. Surprisingly, he could vividly remember me and the deals he made for us.

Dorian took his time to fully explain his services and the process of finding a car of my liking.  I made his job difficult by giving him three choices of BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz.  He made appointments for me to test- drive all three automobile.  Then, he searched for the best deal and eventually made one with my local dealership to lease a 2017 GLC Mercedes Benz at an affordable price, down-payment, and monthly lease payment.  He kept me fully informed about contract conditions and arranged for the car to be delivered to my house.  I can imagine he spent many hours searching and dealing for the fee he charged me.  I am now very happy to drive the car of my dreams at a price I can afford.  All thanks to Dorian!

Personally, Dorian is honest, friendly, and polite.  Professionally, Dorian is effective, helpful, and knowledgeable.  I remember calling him on a Sunday evening while he had dinner with his family.  He took his time to converse with me even though I should not have called him at that time.  I highly recommend the Open Road to family and friends. I will surly contact him for my next auto need.

Abbas G.Bakersfield, CA
Adrien E.

This is my second time using Dorian and I absolutely cannot say enough good things about him. If you are going to buy a car there is absolutely no other way to do it. First off let's talk about price. How often do you buy a car? Once every few years? Regardless of whether you think you can negotiate the best possible price or not, the answer is you can't. Dealerships play games at every single level of the sale. Using Dorian let's you side step every single game. He will do EVERYTHING for you and get you a rock bottom price... in my case the dealer LOST money on the sale of the car. He even negotiated the price of accessory items of the sale! (didn't know you could do that). He got me DOUBLE the amount I was offered for my trade in. I could go on and on but the bottom line is. If you are buying car you need to use Dorian to help you with the process. The money he saved me payed for his service and MULTIPLE times over. I cannot say enough good things! I have told everyone I know when it's time buy a car you have to call Dorian.

Adrien E.Coppell, TX
Artee T.

If you are reading this I know you have doubts, as did I. It's very difficult for me to trust someone that I don't know and haven't even actually met, no matter what my friends tell me, specially when it comes with money. He was introduced to me by a good friend and thought might as well give it a try. He got me this deal for a Honda HR-V, was it good? Hell yeah it was, but as stubborn as I am I still went to my local Honda dealership that told me that "there is no deal that we could not beat" as it is a family owned dealership blah blah... They also told me that for any reason that they could not beat the deal that I have, they will give me a $100 gift certificate as this had never happened before. Pretty confident right? I guess there's always a first as they were not even close to the deal that Dorian and his team could get me.  And they still owe me a gift card! All i'm trying to say here is, there is no chance that you can find a better deal than what Dorian and his team could get you. Why go through the drama of dealerships? why waste time? Just sit back, relax, and trust in Dorian! The vehicle was even delivered to the comforts of my home and I was able to surprise the wife. Happy wife... Happy Life... =)

Artee T.Torrance, CARead More
Jeff H.

Researched Auto Brokers on line and found Open Road to have the best reviews. Met Dorian over the phone and got him the info he needed right away; days later I was picking up my new Tahoe after getting $10k off msrp. He even responded to my texts at 10pm. Great experience, I will use him again.

Jeff H.Ventura, CARead More
Debbie R.

I needed a car within a few weeks and didn't really want to go to a dealership.  I also wanted to trade in my old car to put down some money on the new car.  I called Dorian on a Tuesday, gave him my specs for a 2017 Ford Escape and my car was delivered on Saturday. He was able to get all of the items on my wish list, arrange a trade on my old car, and when the car arrived, a gentleman walked me through all of the bells and whistles. It even arrived with a full tank of gas! Needless to say, I would highly recommend Dorian's services.  I never gave the process a thought. Absolutely effortless on my part.  I will never buy a car without Dorian.

Debbie R.Torrance, CA
Bernard M.

I don't generally contribute reviews to Yelp (forgive me, everyone, for exploiting your efforts to get the great free Yelp ride).

But my experience with Dorian Gunn of Open Road Auto Concierge was so extraordinarily good that I feel obligated and delighted to write one now.

I faced selling two cars and buying two cars all at once. I don't enjoy all that's involved as a form of recreational warfare, finding them instead to be dreadful, onerous, hideous time-eaters. I decided to research car buying services, finding more options than I'd imagined.

Open Road's Yelp reviews were what prompted me to investigate the company. I spoke with Dorian, who was patient, clear, and straightforward. He worked hard to understand my specific needs and didn't get to work until we were both satisfied on our mutual goals.

He did it. He did it all, and I am certain that I would never have made the deals Dorian made. He guided me through the several decision points on each one, and then, showing no mercy to the other parties, proceeded to make deals that were truly the best I could have hoped for.

And Dorian did it all in so little time that it left me astonished once again.

Dorian was a rock and a gentlemen throughout all the interactions. His fees were more than well-earned, and I was deeply grateful to pay them.

I'd never imagined using a car buying service. Perhaps you're similarly uncertain about paying someone to help you buy a car. All I can tell you is this: I cannot recommend Open Road Auto Concierge and Dorian Gunn to you highly enough. Open Road will get the job done; Open Road and Dorian Gunn are the real deal.

Bernard M.Santa Monica, CARead More
Elizabeth S.

After using Open Road there is no other way to ever buy a car. Dorian was exceptional. He found me the exact car I wanted, with every up grade and detail I requested, negotiated an AMAZING deal and coordinated the new vehicle's delivery. He also sold my previous car at above KBB ranking and coordinated that pickup. Dorian took care of EVERYTHING. I literally never had to stress, plan or even think about any portion of the process. He was also very communicative and stayed in contact daily to let me know how things were progressing. He asked for my approval every step of the way and explained every offer in great detail. Oh, and from the day I hired him to the day my new car was delivered was about one week. Gotta love expediency! I will never buy a vehicle on my own ever again. I highly recommend Open Road Auto Concierge.

Elizabeth S.Henderson, NVRead More
Victor G.

I had a great experience with Dorian! I called him last minute when my car broke down and he was able to find me a car by the next day, with a lower price than what I was able find. He saved me 4,000 dollars and got me a lower interest rate on the car I was looking for. He took the time to walk me through every step since it I was a first time buyer. Glad I was referred to him and I would highly recommend his services to anyone!

Victor G.Whittier, CARead More
Charles R.

Best way to buy a car period!!

I have purchased cars before with the "Old Fashion" way spending hours at a dealership with the constant haggling back & forth to try and get the best price possible.  I would spend all this time there, just to find out that I really didn't get that great of a deal after it was all said and done.  Since then, I have dreaded buying a new car and having to deal with the dealership in the process so we have been putting it off. Well those days are over for me as I will only purchase my cars now through Dorian at Open Road Auto Concierge!

From start to finish, the process was great and extremely satisfying!  When I first talked to Dorian, I explained to him exactly the car we were looking to buy and was very specific with the colors and options we wanted.  We don't buy new cars often so want to make sure it was just what we wanted.  He found the exact car, negotiated the best price along with the best financing options available and in the end, we had the perfect car for us and paid a much lower price for that car than I would have ever imagined.

If you are in the market for a new car, don't waste your time shopping different dealerships or trying to get a good deal,  Save yourself the hassle & the headache and give Dorian a call and let him make this the best car buying experience that you will ever have.

Thanks again Dorian!

Charles R.Antelope, CARead More
Claudia G.

Thanks to Dorian, I was able to get the car that I wanted. I'm a first time broker user and loved the experience. Dorian was able to understand the specific car that I was looking for and was able to negotiate a great deal for me. After accepting the deal, the car was delivered to my home. The best part was that I didn't have to step foot into a car dealership. I would definitely recommend and refer his services to anyone looking to buy or lease a car.

Claudia G.Carson, CARead More
Nikole F.

I will never step foot in another car dealership, all of my cars will be purchased through Dorian! He is extremely knowledgeable and patient, trust me we tested it with all our questions! It is absolutely worth the cost to avoid the stress and wasted time at the dealership, not to mention that he will negotiate a much better deal for you.

Nikole F.Whittier, CARead More
Gaia M.

Don't buy a new vehicle without first seeing what Dorian can do for you! He came highly  recommended by a friend. In 4 days we had our dream car, exactly the way we wanted it,  delivered to our home-at a substantial savings.  Our vehicle is rare and very hard to find -except for Dorian.  He demonstrated his skill and professionalism throughout the process. We definitely will recommend him to our friends and family. Don't let the Ventura address fool you Californians!  We live in the South Bay area and he was able beat the deal that our local dealer could give us.

Gaia M.Carson, CA
Derrick C.

I just purchased my second vehicle from Open Road Auto Concierge. Once again the service was first class. Open Road Auto Concierge makes purchasing vehicle(s) simple with out the hassle of dealing with sales people, saving me time and money. They do all the negotiation for you and get you the best absolute deal. This is the no nonsense way to buy or lease a new car. Dorian even got me more cash back on my trade in. I will never try and purchase a car on my own again. Thank you Dorian. We love our new BMW i3!!!

Derrick C.Torrance, CARead More
Anthony H.

I used to sell cars and I've purchased several but I still hate going to a dealership knowing I'll get taken advantage of. Dorian has changed the game. I just traded in my 2012 Dodge Ram for a 2016 Jeep Wrangler, going in I knew I owed more money than my Dodge was worth. Dorian helped me the entire time, not only did he help me get the best deal possible but he gave me the confidence to know I was getting everything I needed. I was able to keep my payments the same, no money down and even got the dealership to tint my windows. I couldn't/wouldn't have been able to do this without Dorians help. I highly recommend using Dorian in your next vehicle purchase.

Anthony H.Bakersfield, CARead More
Jamie G.

The least amount of hassle I've ever experienced in purchasing a vehicle. I got a great deal for a great vehicle. Would definitely recommend Dorian to anyone.

Jamie G.Citrus Heights, CARead More
Lowell F.

Having Dorian as an advocate, a researcher, and the main contact for my search for a new vehicle made what used to be a painful, time-consuming, and tedious journey into one of relative ease.  We gave Dorian an overview of what we were hoping to buy, and he came back within a day with a series of truck window stickers covering the initial options that he had found.  As we cross-compared his offerings with our 'must have/would like to have' list, he would send additional possibilities as he uncovered them.  It gave us an incredible array of trucks to browse through without leaving our home.
In addition, Dorian facilitated our test drives with a local dealer.  This allowed us to experience how the each of the models performed without the hassle of sales pitches and pressure.  The salesman he paired us with understood that we were there for information and to try the vehicles, and treated us exceedingly well, even knowing that our car purchase might not come to him.  I walked away from the dealer completely satisfied with our discussion, and I
called Dorian that evening letting him know that it was the most positive experience I have ever had at a car dealership.
When we finally made our decision, Dorian reviewed all the details of the purchase (including the contract), and advised us on what he was doing/had done in regards to pricing, financing, and delivery.  Once we agreed to the terms, the vehicle was delivered to our front door, and we signed the papers on our own dining room table.  To aid us, Dorian sent us a copy of the contract that he previously reviewed so we could compare it side by side with the one presented by the salesman and financial manager who delivered the vehicle.  Nothing was amiss.
Seriously, I couldn't have asked for this process to go any easier.
Thank you Dorian.

Lowell F.Ventura, CARead More
Fredrick F.

For those people that believe that they can get good deal without Dorian's help. Let me tell you. You're absolutely wrong. As a guy, I was skeptical even though my friend recommended him. So let me tell you guys my story. I was looking to buy a F150 4x4, supercrew, black/black, sports package.  So I did everything on my own. I did my research (price invoice, rebates, best credit union bank, what to say and what not to say, etc. ) I did this over the coarse of 2-3 weeks. I was very particular with my truck. I want this and that and this... So it was difficult to find the right truck that I want. I called every ford dealer in LA looking for a specific truck. So when I finally found the truck That I like, I went ahead meet with the dealer. Before, the last dealership I went to like 5+ dealership, trying to find the best deal (what a huge waste of my time)

So when I finally found the best deal I went ahead and signed the deal. Fortunately, the truck was at their sister's dealer and needs to be brought in. So i Contact Dorian one last time ( thinking I made a great deal).  I told him what's going on and asked me if he can take a look at it one last time. Good thing he did because he manage to save me more money (at least 3k). He did that in less than 30 minutes and even though I already signed the contract he was still able to same me more money. So he called me back with a good news and updated me with a new numbers. He was Able to lower my APR and monthly fee.  I was pretty stoke!!!. If only I let him handle it from the beginning I would have not wasted so much time and effort.

So if you thinking of getting a car/truck/ etc. Just let Dorian handle it. Just sit and relax and he'll even have it deliver it to your house. It's worth it and he'll answer your question and walk you through it.

I told all my friends about his services. So in the future, if I'm going to buy a new car(family car). I'll just let him handle it. You will not be disappointed.

Fredrick F.Torrance, CARead More
Mike B.

Easiest, most convenient, most cost-effective car buying process ever. Period. Did I mention it was easy? Dorian is great at what he does. Everyone I talked to who used him told me the same, but I still had my doubts. Dorian put all these doubts to shame, and fast. Not only did I save a ton of money on the purchase price, I never had to set foot in a dealership, and my car was detailed, and delivered to my driveway!!  I would never dream of buying a car any other way from here on out. Thank you Dorian and Open Road Auto Concierge. You rock!

Mike B.Long Beach, CARead More
Jesse E.

Let me start by simply stating... If you are debating whether to use Open Road Auto Concierge to find/trade/buy/lease your new car, DO IT! It is the best choice/investment you could possibly make for your auto needs.

On the high recommendation of my younger brother I contacted Open Road Auto Concierge and had the absolute pleasure of working with Dorian. I was looking for a very specific Jaguar F-Type at a decent price and on top of it was looking to trade in an upside down lesser sedan. Long story short Dorian worked an incredible deal for my new Jag AND got me a great deal on my trade in, I couldn't be happier with my new car or the process, but that is not even the best part.

Dorian is not only a mastermind in the auto space. He is 100% on your side when it comes to your preference, knowledge, and schedule. He makes you feel as if you have a car buying expert working 24/7 for you while you take care of your every day work/schedule. He never confuses you with auto jargon and will explain ALL parts of the process in full detail so that you never feel confused or pressured. Dorian's knowledge of the auto industry, car buying process and sales tactics are second to none and he puts them to work FOR you. On top of all that, he is extremely friendly and easy to talk to.

Once Dorian had finalized all aspects of my great deal, I walked in, signed a few papers, and walked out with my new dream Jag, all while (no joke) hearing some guy in the next room arguing with a salesman about a deal. That guy needed to call Open Road Auto Concierge! Don't go it on your own, I will NEVER buy another car without Dorian again!

Jesse E.Arlington, TX
Carmen Y.

If what you're looking for is a hassle free, fast and cost effective way to buy a car then I strongly suggest working with Open Road Auto Concierge.
My husband and I recently contacted Dorian with a request to trade in our old car for a new one. We contacted Dorian Gunn from Open Road Auto Concierge and he immediately went to work. The only homework we did was to tell him exactly what we wanted to purchase. Within a week, he found a buyer for our old car and found us the car we were looking for. Not only did we get a great trade in price for our old car but he also got us an amazing deal on the new one. The new car was delivered to our home, paperwork was signed and the old one was picked up. We couldn't have asked for better customer service. Hands down, Dorian went above and beyond what anyone should do. If you hate being approached and pestered by car salesmen and hate to have to haggle over prices then this is the place to go! I could never imagine buying another car from anyone else!

Carmen Y.Lakewood, CARead More
Katrina A.

Thanks to Dorian I have my dream car BMW X5 with no hassle. He was able to get  me a good deal and  able to trade in my old car for a good value. It feel like waking up and the car is in front of my driveway?!

Katrina A.San Diego, CARead More
April M.

I couldn't be happier with Dorian's service!  Not only did he find me the exact car I wanted for an exceptional price, the car was delivered to my doorstep 48 hours after hiring him!  Dorian worked quickly and efficiently, keeping me informed every step of the way.  This was the BEST car buying experience I've ever had and would wholeheartedly recommend his White Glove service.  You will not be disappointed!

April M.Costa Mesa, CARead More
Paul B.


Like most people, I do not enjoy the process of buying a new car. Being pressured by dealership sales people trying to maximize their profits, hassling to find the make and model in the right color with the desired options, being coerced to accept extended warrantees, worrying about being hit with hidden charges or being overcharged for questionable dealership services, all add up to major stress.

Working with Dorian Gunn and Open Road Auto Concierge service made all those worries disappear. I provided the make, model, int/ext colors, and option packages I wanted in a 2016 Acura RDX, then relaxed while a professional handled all the work.

Keeping me informed of the process by email and text, it took less than a week for Open Road to find the exact vehicle I wanted (one of two in the state) at a fantastic price--several thousand dollars below what my own research had shown to be the rock bottom price. On my own, I would never have been able to negotiate a comparable offer.

Open Road then handled all interactions with the dealership--including negotiating an unbeatable financing APR--with absolutely no aggravation on my part. The vehicle was delivered to my residence, along with the appropriate paperwork fully documented and ready to sign. Since Open Road had already confirmed all aspects of the contract with me, the whole delivery/signing process took less than twenty minutes.

Working with Open Road was a true pleasure--personable customer service, professional assurance, and integrity providing a great car buying experience. I'll never purchase another car any other way. Highest recommendation.

Paul B.Camarillo, CA
Petar S.

This is the second time Dorian has helped me find a car and both times the experience has been stellar. This time around I wanted a lease, I gave him the exact car I wanted and he just went to work. Within a week he was able to find exactly what I wanted at a price that I most likely could never get myself. He also negotiated my trade in at a spectacular value. Overall the process was fast, stress free, and very efficient. My concerns were addressed every step of the way and communication was impeccable. Dorian is extremely good at what he does and I will keep going to him in the future and I refer all my friends to him him as well. If you need something done right, let an expect handle it. I don't think I am ever going to buy or lease a car any other way, Dorian is that good.

Petar S.
Karen S.

Open road got me my dream car hassle free and delivered to my front door. I special ordered a 2016 corvette in a custom color. It was absolutely perfect and best of all I never had to deal with a sales person. Also, I got a great price on the car that fit my budget. I highly recommend the white glove service to anyone looking for a new car.

Karen S.Torrance, CARead More
Tim M.

Thanks to Dorian, at Open Road Auto Concierge, we just had our brand new 2016 Honda CRV delivered to our house. He made it very easy to get the vehicle we wanted. We built the vehicle's specs on the Honda website and sent the information to him. In less than a week he found the vehicle and got it delivered to us. We never had to deal with the sales people at the dealership. It was the most pleasant car buying experience I've ever had. He saved us lots of time and money. Thanks Dorian!

Tim M.Ventura, CARead More
Jeff D.

My wife and I just leased a brand new Lexus. We told Dorian the car, color, options, and packages we wanted and he had our car delivered to us in less than a week. Saved us a TON of money and got the best deal possible for the car! This was hands down the best/easiest car buying experience we have ever had, and will definitely go through Dorian for any car we plan to get in the future!

Jeff D.Seal Beach, CARead More
Anthony B.

"Dorian, was knowledgeable, courteous, and he always got back to me in a very timely manner. He never kept me waiting long. I've always dreaded buying a car. I had that nagging question of 'Am I getting a good deal? Am I getting ripped off?' With his help, I got the best deal I've ever had buying any car...and I've bought lots of cars throughout the years. He made is easy and straightforward. I will never again but a car without his help."

Anthony B.Torrance, CA
Rick G.

"I met Dorian through a friend's referral. According to my friend, buying a car through Dorian was like a"walk in the park". At the time, my wife was looking to sell her Acura that had over 100,000 miles on it, and then purchase a brand new 2014 Lexus IS250 F-Sport. CarMax had valued the Acura at somewhat of a low price (forgot exactly how much). I had told Dorian this, thinking he could maybe refer us to someone else. Dorian didn't refer us to anyone. Instead, he immediately secured an offer much more than CarMax. In addition, Dorian secured a price on the new Lexus that was significantly lower than about 4 other dealerships and "hook-ups/connections" that I thought I had. It was truly unbelievable. The story gets even gets better... Not only did Dorian get much more money for the Acura, and a significantly lower price for the new Lexus, he also got the dealer to deliver to our house the brand new Lexus and drive back the Acura at no cost! Did I mention that the dealer was over 90 miles away from my house!? This was way too good to be true and there was no way I was letting a deal like this go. This purchase was truly a, "walk in the park" like my friend said. Business was done through telephone calls, emails and text messages. All of our questions were answered directly through Dorian quickly and professionally. I had never experienced such ease during the purchase of a vehicle. Dorian was truly outstanding and I would highly recommend him to my friends and family looking to buy a new vehicle. I am never purchasing a car through a dealership, or even what I thought were my "hook-ups" ever again! Dorian is 100% referred and trusted."

Rick G.Los Alamitos, CA
Derrick Cabrerra

"​After attempting to buy a car at 3 different dealerships. I was exhausted and frustrated with car salesmen. A friend of mine referred Dorian Gunn. I called Dorian and told him exactly what vehicle and options I wanted. Dorian located my vehicle within a day and secured me a low interest auto loan. This was the absolute BEST car buying experience I have ever had. I have been using Dorian's service ever since."

Derrick CabrerraTorrance, CA
Chris K.

"I've bought several cars over the years using different methods to search for the best price, with the least amount of hassle and haggling. Using Dorian, who was recommended for me to by several other friends and coworkers who purchased different makes and models of cars directly from him, was the best decision I could have made. Dorian was pleasant and easy to consulate with in deciding which car to purchase and the options available, including different extended car warranties from other vendors. The car I purchased through Dorian was also several thousand dollars below the other car dealers I checked and hundreds below the wholesale/internet providers too. Another great option was that I didn't need to leave my home to make the purchase. I emailed/faxed over the application, and once approved for financing, the car was delivered the next day at home. Fantastic service!!!"

Chris K.Long Beach, CA
Deborah H.

"Best car buying experience ever! Dorian made everything easy.  I got exactly what I wanted and I didn't have to play any games to get it."

Deborah H.Ventura, CA
Chris S.

"My wife and I recently traded our leased vehicle for a new vehicle. A friend of mine recommended that I contact Dorian. Dorian asked for the vehicle make, model, and desired equipment that we wanted. Not only did Dorian source the exact vehicle that we were looking for, he also handled the lease return on our old car.

The whole deal was handled in less than a week and we didn't even have to set foot inside a dealership. The dealer delivered our new vehicle to our house and drove our old car away.

I could not be happier with Dorian's level of service and professionalism. This was by far the easiest and most expedient car buying experience of my life. I would highly recommend Dorian to anyone looking to purchase or lease a new vehicle."

Chris S.Murietta, CA

"The Ricco Sells Homes Team/Remax Specialist has been leasing/purchasing vehicles from Dorian Gunn since our company was incorporated. Dorian Gunn is honest, consistent and always delivers on time. refers our friends and clients to Dorian because he has been tested and proven in the car industry. "

Matt T.

"I have used Dorian to buy my family's two vehicles. My 2014 Lexus IS 250 and my 2015 Honda Pilot. Dorian couldn't make the process any easier. All you have to do is tell him what color and what trim, and he does the rest! Both times the vehicles were delivered to my front door. I never set foot in the dealership. Dorian helped me save thousands of dollars below dealer invoice each time. Dorian has helped about 20 other LEO's from my agency and neighboring agencies purchase their vehicles based on my referral. I think that says something about Dorian's ability to secure the best deals. We all know it's not about what you know, but who you know. Dorian is that guy."

Matt T.Carson, CA