law-enforcementHave you ever looked in a law enforcement only publications and read ads from car dealerships stating “Special Law Enforcement Pricing,” “Fleet Prices for Law Enforcement,” “Special Pricing to all Law Enforcement and their Families?” Then when you only go into that car dealership to see that their “special deal” really isn’t a special deal after all or worse yet, the car dealership plays the same back-and-forth games with you that they play with everyone else?  This is a common dealership practice.  This is the car-buying process.  The car dealership’s responsibility is to get you to their dealership.  So if you read the ad, and you go into the dealership, then it worked, and they have you exactly where they want you — let the negotiation begin!  They will try to squeeze out as much money as possible from you because their agenda is to maximize their profit.

Our company avoids all of this for you.  Our upfront-transparent process is designed to represent YOU and YOUR best interest without any conflicts of interest.  By engaging our company to represent you, you will never experience the back-and-forth high-pressure sales tactics again.  You will get the special law enforcement deals the ads advertise because our negotiation experts work for you – our client.  We have worked as managers inside car dealerships, so we know the games car dealers play.  We know how to protect you from over-paying, and we know how to protect you from the common pitfalls of going through the car-buying process on your own.

We respect the sacrifices Law Enforcement endures on a daily basis. We respect the Law Enforcement profession, and we appreciate the processes Law Enforcement follows to keep us safe.  Our founder, Dorian Gunn, is a law enforcement academy graduate, and he will ensure you will have an enjoyable and stress-free experience.  We will eliminate all of the dealer games.

Contact us to learn more about how Open Road Auto Concierge works with people in the Law Enforcement profession.  Our services will help you get the car you love at the lowest price without all the headaches.