Tips for Maintaining a New Car

So, you have finally bought or leased a new car after finding the great new car deal you were looking for. So how do you maintain it to keep it as amazing for long? New cars, whether leased or purchased can undergo a lot of wear and tear and look beat up if not properly maintained. This could cost you a lot of money regarding repairs and service as well as it could drive up the cost of your lease upon returning it to the leasing company. That is notwithstanding the fact that you will be driving around in a drab-looking car that causes you no small amount of stress over its problems, however, minor. However, you can avoid all this heartache if you employ the following tips for maintaining a new car.

  1. Exercise proper car care such as washing it once a week using a high quality product, claying to remove bonded surface contaminants stuck to the paint, polishing, and waxing using proper procedures for all of the above, regularly.
  2. Schedule weekly, monthly, pre-holiday and annual checks to ensure any problems are caught early enough and solved without breaking the bank. Additionally, servicing allows you to familiarize yourself with your new car’s features and learn about its systems as well as how to care for it properly. During these checks, ensure the following tasks are done:

Check the car’s engine oil

New cars also deserve to be properly checked so be sure to check the engine oil regularly. This can ensure you fix any oil leaks and add oil routinely.

Check Tire Pressure

This is especially true if you are going to be undertaking a long road trip. Checking the tire pressure in all the tires including that of the spare tire will help you ensure it is within the recommended specs and help you address and solve problems such as uneven wear or sidewall bulges.

Check the Exhaust System

These helps in identifying rusted parts, loose clamps, and other problems and hence, solve them accordingly.

Inspect the Air Filter

When you hold the air-filter element against the light, you should be able to see the light through the filter. However, if it is all opaque, the part should be replaced.

Inspect the brakes and Fluids

This allows you to replace worn sections such as linings, rotors, and drums. It also helps in routinely topping off the braking fluid level and fixing any leaks immediately.

Check the Radiator and Battery

This prevents overheating as it allows you to regularly remove debris and wash the radiator as well as avoid corroded battery terminals to keep the car battery in excellent condition.

Some of these services you can do yourself, while others need specialized care. Scheduling regular car care and maintenance services will keep your new car in excellent condition for a long time. If you are unsure about the required maintenance and servicing required for your new car, refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual or simply call your local dealership’s service department for guidance.

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