Top 15 Tips for a First Time Car Buyer— The Best Car Buying Tips

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The excitement that you feel at the auto dealership as a first time car buyer is simply priceless. However, an eerie feeling of doubt and uncertainty usually go together with this. As a first time car buyer, personal experiences from family and friends only do little to help you. What you need is real preparation and a good knowledge base to get an excellent deal, which is best to get from a reputable auto concierge near me. Thus, you will learn how to get the best deal when buying first car.

Car Buying Tips For The First Time Car Buyer From A Reputable Auto Concierge

We have selected the most relevant car buying tips for you to explore as a first time car buyer. They have been divided into subsections for ease of learning.

Car Buying Pricing

  1. Have a budget: Everyone, or at least, almost everyone has a limit to how much they can pay for their chosen car. In other words, you need a budget to avoid overspending. As a rule of thumb, you should be familiar with your monthly cash flow. You might need to make some tweaks to afford to pay for your new car. Other important things to consider include your payment option and on-going expenses incurred from the car (gas, insurance, and maintenance).
  2. Consider getting a used car: Some car buying tips revolve around the numerous positives that come with getting a vehicle. That is to say, the price difference could be so outrageous that you would consider neglecting that shiny look and feel of a new car. It’s not unheard of for people pay close to $200 more every month for a new car than for a used one. This is significant since the payment is going to be for many months. Conversely, a neatly taken care of used car with a good mileage may be a better choice.
  3. Price negotiations: New cars have negotiable prices, so do not just roll over and accept the price given to you. Therefore, the wisest decision here would be to go for car broker services like Open Road Auto Concierge. This car broker services Los Angeles would help strengthen your bargaining power and get you more value for your money. Besides, who does not want to get the best car deal?
  4. Go over the contract again: It is easy to get carried away by excitement as a first time car buyer. Nevertheless, you should be wary of cunning car dealers who might include terms that lead to extra charges. You might not agree to these terms, but it would be hard to change once you have appended your signature over the paper. Thus, you should take your time to go over the contract again and seek explanations on areas that are unclear. Contacting an auto concierge near me before going into the car dealership will prevent you from these surprises.
  5. Get the timing right: Buying new cars towards the end of the month, year, or during certain holidays helps to get you a better deal. This is because salespeople want to meet their goals. Also, car dealerships are more likely to part with incentives to reach their objectives. Hence, it would mean more significant discounts, incredible offers, and bonuses for you. Therefore, you should plan car buying, especially as a first time car buyer around these periods.

Car Buying Negotiations

  1. Inspect the car: This is more important when buying a used car. A trusted car broker or mechanic should inspect or guide you through the process. This quality check can help to identify costly imminent problems. Ensure that you test drive the vehicle, and you are comfortable with its feel. While an independent inspection may be an added cost, it is every bit a worthy investment. Hiring a car broker or auto concierge can explain the benefits of an inspection.
  2. Check multiple dealerships: You can do this either online or locally. A reputable auto concierge near me includes this in its service. Even if you are desperate to get a car and have limited time to shop around, do it anyway. Car dealership salespeople are trained to identify desperation and to take advantage of people who don’t shop around. Don’t let this happen to you. Shopping around helps you to know the lowest possible prices and to gain insight into the car buying market. Additionally, it will help you determine a good starting point in your negotiations. It also helps identify geographical areas with an influx of car dealership competition.
  3. Never disclose your trade-in upfront: You should only mention your trade-in after you finalize the negotiation of the vehicle you are buying or leasing. If not, the car dealership may leverage both together versus negotiating them separately. Don’t negotiate both together because this will be to your disadvantage. In summary, make sure you should isolate each aspect of the car buying process during your negotiation. Engaging professional car broker services such as Open Road Auto Concierge will be to your benefit. Especially if you are a first time car buyer.
  4. Consider auto insurance costs: Auto insurance coverage affects the long term cost of a car. Thus, when buying first car, you should get quotes on insurance premiums from reputable companies online. New cars for millennials such as the Honda Civic and recent editions of sports cars usually have higher premiums. Even though these types of cars typically have higher premiums, especially in Los Angeles, CA, they have high resale values, so you might be able to recoup some of the costs when selling the car. Consider reaching out to an auto concierge that specializes in car broker services Los Angeles, CA, to discuss this in more detail.
  5. Do not go for add-ons: Except if you have the money to spare, you should not opt for add-ons. Thus, heated seats, seat massage, rust-proof features, built-in GPS, etc. are extra feature things that can wait if you are on a budget. These sleek features considerably increase the overall cost of the vehicle, and they can come with additional maintenance costs or software updates to maintain current data. Car broker services Los Angeles will discuss the pros vs. cons of extra features along with added costs.

Personal Car Buying Tips

  1. Be truthful about what you need: When buying car California, do you need a luxury car or one to just help with your daily work routine? Likewise, do you need one for weekend adventures and family trips? On the other hand, do you just need your personal space alone? In essence, you should consider your lifestyle and weather conditions in your area to give you an idea of what you truly need. Having all the luxury features are great, but if you don’t use them, the features are a waste of money.
  2. Research properly: Numerous new cars might fall within your budget, each with their unique specs. You would want to consider the engine and power, exterior and interior, performance, coupe, drivetrain, etc. before making your final decision. Thus, it is necessary to browse through auto dealership websites and to learn about lease offers to decide which buying method is best for your situation. Most people don’t know how a car lease works, so if this is you, I highly encourage you to seek professional guidance from an auto concierge or, at the very least, a reputable company offering car broker services. In buying car California, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing proper research when buying a car, especially new cars for millennials. In other words, don’t buy on impulse.
  3. Know your credit score: This helps you to know what your interest rate should be on a car loan. Better credit scores simply mean lower interest rates. This is one very important car buying tips when buying first car. Ideally, you should have a pre-approved loan offer from a local bank or credit union before going to the dealership. This will help make sure you get the best car deal.
  4. Set aside the emotions: When buying first car for most people, the emotional floodgates open, and they forget that it is purely business. However, you should put aside these feelings and negotiate with the dealer as if it is a war. The negotiation isn’t personal, so be polite and professional, but hold your ground. When negotiating, even if your heart is set on a particular car, focus on the numbers, and be prepared to walk away from the deal. The only way to get the best car deal is to be willing to walk away and not to allow emotions to get the best of you. Open Road Auto Concierge takes this approach in its car broker services, especially when getting new cars for millennials.
  5. Know when to walk away: Not all stories have a happy ending. Walking away is probably one of the most important car buying tips. It is so difficult for most people to do, especially when you are adamant about getting your first car. Nevertheless, walking away may be your best option in getting the best car deal. This will help you avoid making a bad decision resulting in years of financial imprisonment. If the deal doesn’t feel right, it’s probably time to walk away.

Congrats On Being A First Time Car Buyer

There is always that massive sigh of relief and a pleasing smile that comes with owning a car for a first time car buyer. Since this is likely to be one of your first major decisions, you should plan effectively utilizing the above car buying tips. The car buying tips listed above aren’t all-encompassing, but they are a good starting point in getting the much-needed support and morale boost. If you are in Los Angeles, CA, and are seeking car broker services Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the country, contact Open Road Auto Concierge to learn more about how to get the best car deal. Have fun driving the car of your dreams!

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